Tank storage Netherlands/Europe

BA Tankterminals offers tank storage food, vegetable oils or bio-raw materials in the Netherlands. We have modern tank storage facilities for liquid products. 

Centrally located between Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Germany

BA Tankterminal is located in the port of Cuijk, near high way A73. Our tank terminal is centrally located between the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam, the Ruhr area and the rest of Germany. Therefore, we are the ideal hub for overseas companies which are in need for a European hub to expand their activities and to serve customers in Europe.

Multimodal storage and transhipment

Our tank terminal is accessible for ships with a draft of up to 3.25 meters and easily accessible via the Maas and Rhine via the Maas-Waal canal. Our tank terminal has the possibility to load and unload by ship, truck and ISO tank container. In addition, there is a container terminal in the port of Cuijk. BA Tankterminal can help you in the logistics process from or to the final destination. We are therefore more than just storage and transhipment.

Quality and custom made solutions

BA Tankterminal currently has 13 stainless steel tank storage tanks. The content varies between 1250 and 2600m3. All storage tanks with associated pipes are 'dedicated' and can be equipped with their own pump. Both heated and unheated tank storage is possible. Each tank has its own loading/unloading station, to avoid long queues. This has proven itself in an average lead time of approximately 30 minutes for loading and unloading trucks. We distinguish ourselves through quality and customization.


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